Welcome to The Data Influencer

I’ve been playing around with digital illustration over the past few weeks and didn’t want to miss out on handwriting my welcome image!

Why I’m starting The Data Influencer

By day I work in data & analytics in the tech industry, and during this pandemic I’ve had so many questions that I’ve been wanted to dig into outside of my 9-5. So I figured that it was time for me to start this! Hopefully this blog/my videos help inform you about important topics using data, but also enables you all to feel more comfortable with data in our day to day lives. It really can be cool and interesting, regardless of the topic and that’s not the data nerd in me talking. While a lot of my content will be around the pandemic since it’s the main news topic for the foreseeable future, this won’t be a covid-19 blog. I have interests in a wide array of topics, so I want to make sure I get to cover those diverse subjects and show you all why I always say that “Data wins arguments.”

What you’ll find here

Topics from “How to interpret data” (which is becoming more important for every single person), new analyses that explain trends I’m seeing in politics, the economy, technology, and pop culture, AND lots of data! But, I won’t throw something on here that I can’t explain to my 7 year old neighbor.

Make sure to stay in touch on this blog (bookmark it!), on Instagram, and Twitter because every week you’ll find new posts!